Hello! I am Reverend Neal K. Relyea, an Independent Christian Minister. Are you looking for a wedding officiant who can assist you in creating the wedding ceremony of your dreams? I am such a clergyman. Whether you are looking for a religious, spiritual or other special type of personalized wedding ceremony, I can help make your vision become reality! Are you traditional? Are you looking for something unique? How do you want to proclaim your love to the world, while still meeting the special needs of your families, your future husband and yourself? Do you know what you want to say and how to say it or do you need guidance? I can assist you on any path you are on to create that wonderful moment, when you and your special love become united in a religious OR spiritual, non-denominational ceremony. ALL of my ceremonies are custom written, in collaboration with you, NEVER a boiler plate pulled off of the internet. Please call with your questions or to make a NO pressure appointment to discuss how we can create that special moment, when you both begin the rest of your lives together, as husband and wife!
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